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Gold ornaments have always been a pride element in one’s status. Gold jewellery is proudly possessed by an Indian Lady and traditionally passed on from one generation to another. Appropriately called "Shree Dhan" they have always been an integral part of every occasion. In the perpetual inflationary situation it is becoming difficult to buy or invest in gold. Now to possess this pride “Shree Dhan” we present a systematic investment plan (SIP) called “Shree Dhan Discount Yojana” for you to make this auspicious investment viable.

Savings in easy installment is the most effective way to gain wealth in the current economic scenario and the benefits are truly rewarding and satisfying.

Waman Hari Pethe Sons presents an attractive opportunity by introducing “Shree Dhan Discount Yojana”, which is a unique Jewellery purchase scheme, leading to an easy purchase of Jewellery of your choice.

The scheme details are as follows :
Particulars Scheme Type I (11+1) Scheme Type II (14+1)
Your contribution per month Rs.3000 Rs.3000
No. of monthly installments 11 months 14 months
Your total contribution Rs.33,000 Rs.42,000
Our contribution as Discount on purchase Rs.3000/- Discount
Only on making Charges
Rs.3000/- Discount
On purchase value
Your value of Purchase Rs. 36,000 Rs. 45,000

You can enroll in the above scheme with minimum installment of Rs.1,000/- per month and increaseto any amount in multiple of Rs.500/- thereon.

  • The Scheme Type I (11+1) - 11 monthly installments in this scheme you can buy any Gold, Diamond and Silver jewellery
  • The Scheme Type II (14+1) - 14 monthly installments in this scheme besides jewellery you also buy pure gold and silver coins/vali jewellery