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What is a Mangalsutra?

Unveil the icon of timeless love and promises with our exquisite Gold Mangalsutra collection. Gold holds a special place in every heart, and our precisely crafted Mangalsutras embody the enduring value of these cherished sentiments. Each piece is designed with precision, combining tradition and modern aesthetics to create jewellery that stands the test of time.

A mangalsutra is a necklace made of black beads and a gold locket. The name Mangalsutra literally means auspicious thread. The black beads are there to keep away bad things, while the gold is a symbol of good luck and a long, happy marriage. This tradition has been around for more than a few thousand years. With time, there have been a lot of design changes in the Mangalsutra, but the essence remains the same. 

Importance of Wearing a Mangalsutra

Cultural Identity

The Gold Mangalsutra isn't just about the women wearing it; it's also about family and Culture. Mangalsutra is the first piece of jewellery that is gifted to the bride by the groom's family. It's a thread of promise, which indicates the bond between bride and groom. By wearing the Mangalsutra, women keep their cultural identity alive. Hindu women must wear the mangalsutra every day after marriage, but women from other religions have no compulsion and can wear it anytime they want. 

Astrological Benefits

The origin of Astrology science is in India. The Mangalsutra has a deep meaning in Indian Vedic astrology that many people don't know. In Astrology, Mangal or Mars Planet indicates Married life, and the Gold Mangalsutra is a symbol of the same planet. Wearing a mangalsutra that is consecrated in the wedding ceremony helps women to please this planet and have a happy married life. This is one of the reasons why women are advised not to remove the mangalsutra unless and until advised by the astrologer.