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When it comes to the culture, Gold Mangalsutra has tremendous importance. All of the Hindu women have to wear a gold Mangalsutra after their marriage. It’s an indicator of marriage and love between the couples. Gold Mangalsutra is the divine thread of marriage. So, it has to be the most important and special jewellery in any woman's life.

The stylish Mangalsutras come with a special design, which suits all the traditional and modern attire. You can get the Mangalsutras customized according to your design requirements. Elegance is the key factor of a Gold Mangalsutra, and all of them carry the same.

There are new design trends in the market from the last few decades. The gold mangal sutra has changed from the traditional style to the pendant style. Some Mangalsutras come with diamonds and other gemstones to make them look beautiful. In short, you have a lot of variety in designs and even the budget range. You can choose from a lot of options and never feel restricted by your choice.

At Waman Hari Pethe Sons Jewellers, We believe in tradition and modernism. With the eloquent designs of the Gold Mangalsutra, you can cherish the special moments with your loved ones, FOR ENTIRE LIFE. From the Classic Traditional Mangalsutras to the Modern Pendant style minimalistic ones, you can get everything. Choose from a wide variety of designs and customization options to cherish the special moments of your life.